Monday, 29 August 2016

The benefits of investing in mutual funds

We think about it all the time, we hear about it all the time, yet we fail to react to it all the time. There are tonnes of benefits that come with investing in monetary instruments on a regular basis. It is the best and simplest way to get a strong portfolio done and to make the best savings on the long run. If you have thought about starting your portfolio, the timing could not have been better. There are tonnes of products that are available and each of them would give you huge benefits and returns.

mutual fund online

The simplest and best instrument to invest in is mutual funds. It would give you good returns, help you ease your profit margins and also be able to help you reduce your tax liabilities. There are many reasons why you should invest in the mutual fund market as compared to anything else available today. The first and obvious reason that comes about today is the amount of liability you have or the risk that such an investment carries. There is no doubt that you can get healthier profits from any investment in the stock market, but the level of risk is extremely high too. You would want to reduce the risk you take by trying to divide your investment across different verticals.

Instead of putting all your money in the stock market, look at investing across different mutual fund India products. This would be so much better than putting your money in one specific company. With this, you would also be able to grow out different investment patterns and profit rates. It is bound to give you a huge boost in both the short and long span of time. When you are looking to invest in these funds, study the bunch of companies that have been put together and realise the industry growth that is expected. It would give you a clear idea on how well you can do and how the growth just might be.

The tax benefits are another reason that most people want to buy these funds. Because you are able to reduce the amount of tax you are liable for thanks to these investments, they are hot property. You would be in an instant win situation right from the word go. The benefits are surely present when you are investing in mutual funds, apart from being a great source of money, it would be a great learning curve too.
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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Not investing online? You’re losing out massive benefits!

If you have not started investing and saving for a rainy day, it must be the first thing you figure out to do. Of course, there is the huge advantage of saving for a future date and for higher responsibilities like owning a home or a car – but is it enough to just save money year on year? Would it beat inflation in the first place by just keeping your money in the bank? Not really. You have to think about smart investment points that would grow your money instead of keeping your money growing at the bare minimum percentages.

Investing in an online mutual fund would be the smartest and best way to make your money grow for you quickly. You can now invest in these funds at any time from any place. You have access to your investment online and with a secure payment process; the entire plan is almost paperless. There are quite a few funds you can look at buying provided they are from branded firms and you can decide which plan would suit your need. Look and invest into plans that give out timely dividends as well as strong investment values. The net asset value of the fund is the most important metric when you are investing in a fund. It would give you a clear idea on the growth of the stock and how well it has grown over the time you have invested.

Many of us do not understand it, but the benefits are more towards the downside of the market than the upward trend. When you enter an online mutual fund, it may not be the lowest point of the price cycle or the net asset value that is running then, but since you are investing in this continuously over a period of time, you would buy it during the lower points to over a year or even more. So, when the price of the mutual fund comes back to its original value, it has already led you into a sizeable profit. It is this reason that most mutual fund investments are on the long run and not on the shorter period.

Not only would an investment like this protect you in a situation of financial instability, but also gives you profit on the long run with minimum monitoring of the stock market. If you have been thinking of investing in mutual funds, the time could not be better.
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Monday, 30 May 2016

How pension funds could plan your retirement.

Planning for your future the right way is one of the toughest things to do. There are a host of activities you need to plan out when you are working through your career – none more important than how you will spend your life post retirement. The burning question that comes to mind for us all is the way we are going to secure our lives with the right investment plans. One of the best ways to ensure you have a perfect retirement is to invest in a pension fund.

The entire objective of this fund is to provide periodical income to you after you complete 58 years of age. In most cases, these funds are invested in fixed securities and also debentures you cannot convert or bonds that are similar in nature. All the investments in this kind of program are in the low to medium risk options.

Such pension funds are mostly hybrid debt oriented and are invested with the idea to build on to a safe investment and regular income source after your retirement. The best part of such funds is that it secures your life post your working career and safe guards your future. There is no upper limit to the investment you can make and hence you are allowed to increase the investment based on your income plan during retirement. There biggest challenge with such investments in to know the amount you would have to plan to retire with. The key points you have to think about are the kind of expenses you would have when you retire. Your daily expenses, the rate of inflation you would have to deal with and how much money you would have to put aside for an emergency. A pension fund is the single most reliable way for you to ensure a safe and secure future.
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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What are the Different Types of Mutual Funds?

Investing in mutual funds is without doubt the best idea if you have been thinking about your future and financial security. The biggest benefit is that you are able to plan it out perfectly based on your financial capabilities, plus you are able to control your investments completely when you have calculated your returns. Apart from understanding the benefits of mutual funds, you have to also understand the different kinds of funds that are present in the market today.
Open ended
One of the biggest kinds of mutual funds is open-ended which would allow you to buy or sell units of the fund at any point of time. In other words, there is no fixed maturity date on the fund. In these kinds of funds, there are a few kinds too
1.       Debt/Income funds: In this kind of fund, most of the invested money is put into debentures or other debt investment plans. This could include government security instruments too. Now, even though the capital appreciation is lower as compared to others, it is perfect for investors who want to a constant income coming through.
2.       Liquid funds:  These kinds of investments are to make the excess funds into short term investments so that you decide a better long term investment afterwards. These kinds of investments are perfect when you have saved an amount and planning a short term investment.
3.       Growth funds: These are very popular in retail investments and it could be a high risk element in both the short or long term. These kinds of schemes are a perfect example of the capital appreciation you can receive in the long run. This is probably the reason that most people look at investing in growth funds early so that the risk involved is lesser and the returns on the long run are very good.
4.       Tax saving growth funds: This probably the most recommended mutual funds, as they provide big tax benefits to its investors. Your money is invested in equities that offer long term growth opportunities called equity linked saving schemes or ELSS. These kinds of funds normally come with a 3 year lock in period.
Balanced funds
These kinds of funds are good for investors that are looking to enjoy good growth and income at the same time. These funds are invested in different kinds of securities – mostly equities and fixed income. Of course, the proportion of investment is pre-decided and is revealed in the offer documents. These are great ways to get good returns and is cut out for the investor that knows his kind of investment returns and plans. It does bring out a great deal of profits if you plan it right. This makes it one of the most popular types of mutual funds.
Close ended funds
These funds do not allow you to buy or sell units at any point of time. These kinds of funds can be invested at only during the launch of the fund. These are rolled out during the new fund offer period and can be purchased only then. These funds do come with the goal to protect the principal amount and deliver good returns at the same time.
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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ways to Invest in Mutual Funds

If you have been working for a few years in India, chances are quite high that you have heard of investing in mutual funds many times. In that past, most of these kinds of investments were driven through agents. It’s a lot different now as you would get to know every bit of information about these investments online and that surely makes your decision easier.  If you have been thinking about making an investment, here are a few simple methods:

investing in mutual funds online

1.       Invest via an AMC: You can invest into a mutual fund by approaching the mutual fund companies directly. Each of the companies provide online facilities to invest from the second investment onwards and thus are able to complete your transaction easily. Sounds good? Well almost. In this process, you have to fill the first form at the office of the AMC, so apart from the first investment; the rest can be done on the internet. The tough end of this deal is if you want to participate in 3-4 different funds, that means you have go to each of the offices and have the first form filled and submitted. So, this investment makes sense only when you are going to invest a big amount of money and over a long period of time too. Plus, you do not really need a demat account for this.

2.       Use your Demat account: The most common and recommended methods would be to use your demat account. You can look through all the different mutual funds and easily make your investments. All it would take is a few clicks on your mouse, to choose to invest in the fund of your choice. The only catch would be the charges you have to pay the demat medium you use. The biggest advantage though is that you can have access to all your transactions and details from one place alone. How easy is that?

3.       Use the fund directly: Certain funds allow you to purchase mutual funds online, that means not having to go through a broker or source at all. You would have all the possible information you need about the mutual fund along with the performance of the fund over the years. It is a very easy solution no doubt and is a sure option on the long term. You would have lesser commissions to pay and thus is a great idea if you are planning to invest on the long term. 
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